Lance Henriksen Blogathon

To celebrate Lance Henriksen’s birthday, along with the release of his biography Not Bad for a Human, media guru John Kenneth Muir is teaming up with the creative minds at Back to Frank Black and author Joe Maddrey for a week-long celebration of all things Lance. Between May 2 and 7, we’ll be co-hosting a blogathon… and we’re asking YOU to participate!

Anyone with an interest in Mr. Henriksen’s work is invited to submit reviews, lists, photo essays, poetry, videos, podcasts, birthday wishes or anything else Lance-related. The plan is simple: Just post your original content on your website or blog between May 2 and 7, and send us a link so that we can share it. Below are some banners for the project — please feel free to copy and post them on your blog if you’re planning to participate. Let’s give Lance a birthday to remember!

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3 Responses to Lance Henriksen Blogathon

  1. Brad Brown says:

    This will be very interesting !

  2. Dominik says:

    I certainly will be participating. Great idea.

  3. Jason Morris says:

    This is awesome! Great idea!

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