To Hell We Rode


The trade edition of To Hell You Ride, collecting all five issues + sketch art and creators notes, will be unleashed on December 4, 2013.   You can pre-order the book through all the usual outlets (Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Things from Another World, etc.) or place an order through your local comic shop.   Things from Another World is also selling a limited edition, featuring alternate cover art and autographed by Lance Henriksen.

If you need convincing, here’s what the reviewers have said about the series:


“Dark, brooding, well-written… An instant classic.” – Rocco Sansone, Review Fix

“Henriksen and Maddrey’s writings gave the book a film-like approach. Their genre film backgrounds deliver something new and different to the comic world that is reminiscent of the comics of the 60s and 70s that just don’t come along any more.” – Bobby Blakey, Dallas Examiner

“Mandrake’s shadowy artwork intuitively taps into the group’s creative fluidity and leaves a lasting impression… An enigmatic and powerful introduction.” – Alison Nastasi, FearNet


“Dark, depressing, deep, excellent…. As far as I’m concerned, Lance Henriksen can add ‘awesome comic book storyteller’ to his resume right next to dead android and creepy ex-FBI profiler.” – Brandon Dingess, Major Spoilers

“The trio powerhouse [of Henriksen, Maddrey and Mandrake] has made a comic that is both deep and terrifying.  It has the amazing ability to [make you] question the world around you, to show you how beautiful and powerful nature really is.”  – Svetlana, Fedotov, Fangoria


“To Hell You Ride offers a story that blends spiritual ambiguity and b-movie bravado. Whether it’s the pulpy tone of the commentary setting the story, or the gruesome and gore filled deaths of Telluride’s citizens, it all works.” – Anthony Brunet, Florida Geek Scene

“To Hell You Ride might be the best comic concept in a decade…. A poem in a comic book. It is Beowulf.  It is fine art.” – Steve Damm, Expert Comics


“Unforgettable imagery and expressive prose… Since the first issue, I have truly enjoyed the To Hell You Ride series because of its epic storytelling and vibrant artwork.  I can’t recommend this book enough.” – Jorge Solis, Bloody Disgusting

This book is a testament to what can happen when you put veterans in the industry together and let them go nuts. Damn near pitch perfect, beautiful and intriguing work and masterful storytelling. Rare is it that I have come across something so original and it’s for good reason—every book simply couldn’t be this good– but, when stars align and the comic gods are pleased you will occasionally get something that it would be irresponsible to miss. This is that comic book.” – Jordan North, Comic Bastards


“Concludes the five-part saga in an emotionally resonant, satisfying, and blazing fashion… It feels true and believable even while it achieves the honor of being described as ‘mind blowing’.” – John Kenneth Muir, Reflections on Cult Movies and Classic TV

“A journey into enlightenment…  This is the perfect patch to complete the wonderfully stitched quilt that has told this tale so vividly and inspired such awe from start to finale.” – Dylan Butcher, Comic Conventions

“The suspense lies in how it will all end. Will the villains get theirs? Will our heroes, either of them, survive? Should they survive? What happens next?… This is the perfect conclusion to this story.” – Patrick Hayes, SciFi Pulse

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